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Perpetual Birthday Calendar

Perpetual Birthday Calendar

As a part of the #imbringingbirtdaysback movement, I thought it would be a good idea to finally put together this kit I got last year.

Now I must let you in on a little secret, I sometimes struggle with kits. Yes, I know they are supposed to make things easy, but I find myself only ever making what is in the instructions and this kit just cried out for going off the rules and to be personalised. And I struggled! I would pull it out, look at it and come up blank then put it away again. BUT IT NEEDED TO BE DONE! So I finally got over my nerves and did it! 

Is it perfect? No, I had some 10yr old help, he sponged, stickered AND stamped! But it’s done! I have yet to stick on the glitter and sequins, but the bulk of it is finished. 

Am I pleased with it? Yes! And that is the most important thing!

Laying it all out trying to figure out what goes where.


Finished with the stamping, now to glitter and sequin it!


One thing I did was use all the paper bits, as the banners didn’t work too well with the heart and star shapes I used my snips to cut them in half and then stick them on the shape so they looked normal. 

Now to start filling it in and make some birthday cards (Big Bro is first as his will need to go in the Dip Bag on Monday).

Want a birthday card? Send me your details!

What have you created today?

And they are finished! Now to add names.