Weekly Deals!


Well, I’m finally back from holidays and back to blogging.  How were the hols?  They were fabulous!  London, Cardiff, Hadrian’s Wall, Tulloch Castle and then Mintlaw. Had a great catch-up with a friend from Canberra who had very recently moved to London, and stayed with an old friend I hadn’t seen in nearly 6 years to round out our trip in Scotland.  We survived Storm Frank, Christmas-ed in a Scottish castle, and thrived while feeding our inner nerd (thank you Doctor Who Experience!)  Now that my boy is back at school (yay! Do they ever pay teachers enough?) I have time to finish off my Hello December/December Daily album.  The first challenge will be choosing pictures, as I took what seems like a gazillion.  So who will keep me on task?  Looking at you folks!

On to this weeks offerings!  Love the mini pegs. Although a pain to post, they look just fabulous on the finished product, AND add an amazing touch to bags and tags. (Did you see my OnStage swaps?)  Will be ordering more for myself as I used them all for OnStage.

So what have you created today?


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