Hello December Days 8-11

Hello December Days 8-11

The month is rolling on, and I’m actually keeping on top of this which makes a change! We’re off on holidays soon, so will have to complete it when I get back home, but I will be taking it across the UK with me to keep up with my journaling, so I know what I’ve been up to. On to the latest installment.

Simple, just stickers and some stamped images, and a short piece of washi. Guess what I figured out? See that little gold glimmer star? I punched that out of the sheet of sticker words that come as a part of the embellishments!! Just peeled off the backing and stuck it on.

I forgot to take a photo today, so I jazzed up a filler card with stamps, washi tape and sequins. I have a theory about my gold sequins…they hate me and refuse to come out of the little bag they are in, cheeky blighters.

Need I say that fine gold thread can be really frustrating?

That gold thread goes down easier with big sticky things! And the washi tape really can brighten up a card.

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