Hello December days 2, 5, 6 and 7 (told you I’d get around to day 2!)

Hello December days 2, 5, 6 and 7 (told you I’d get around to day 2!)

Here are the next batch of pages. It’s easy to keep up having done the layout first, although the having turned day 5 into a 2 page spread, I know have to go and change the rest of the pages, but that will be easy.

With day 2 I used two images that I took as we drove around town that night. After all it’s not every day that Kingdom Tower is lit like a Christmas tree, and who can go past a shoe bath!?

Day 5 had so many fun images that I decided to make a two page spread of it. I bordered one photo with the washi tape, and used that fabulous fine tipped glue pen to stick those acetate stars down. One word of advice is as they are slippery little suckers it is easier to put glue in the spot you want them to go rather than gluing them and moving them into position, because they really can fly!

Day 6 I did something a little daring, I CUT MY PHOTO IN HALF!!! I know there are some people out there who will faint at the thought of doing that, but it’s just a photo, I can print more. And being daring suits a Doctor Who page don’t you think?

Day 7 was simple, just stamping as embellishments. The little row of trees was fun to stamp, photopolymer makes it easy to line them up.

So, now to journal.

What did you create today?

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